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I'd love you to make less games, but deeper, bigger. You have ideas and skills, it seems, but you deprive yourself from "time".

Great games, just too "small".

I hope you succeed and develp something larger.

I love the concept of Agitate the most so far, i think.
Also, thanks for PC Linux support.


Hey Tchey, first of all I'm glad you enjoyed Agitate. also thanks for the kind words, but I do understand how you feel.

Currently I'm releasing a new game each month, mainly as a test to improve myself and at the same time see what people like and dislike. My "Model" still isn't perfect and I'm always thinking about ways to improve it.

I am though planning on a bigger project which I'll talk about real soon, so maybe keep an eye out for that :)

Calm and kind of meditative... until the Hoomans come. Then I just want to murder.